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The Obvious Bitcoin Christmas Gift Guide 2017

The Ultimate Bitcoin Christmas Gift Guide 2017It’s that time of year again when thoughts turn to all the cool swag you’ll receive on Christmas Day, and hand out of course, cos’ let’s not forget that Xmas is also about giving. Whether you’re an experienced bitcoiner seeking gift ideas for one of your own, or a complete novice cursed with a crypto crazy nephew, the following guide covers all bases, price brackets, and payment types. Hand your loved one a bitcoin-branded gift this Christmas and watch their face light up like a green trading candle breaking out. Also read: More Bitcoin Fork Clones on the Way: Bitcoin God Will Be Born Xmas Day

Take a Little, Give a Lot

The Ultimate Bitcoin Christmas Gift Guide 2017Should any of the entries on this list prove too darn irresistible, by all means treat yourself. You’re entitled to a reward for all the hodling you did this year while your mates were rinsing their hard-earned on holidays, designer threads, and vice. Just remember that there’s more happiness in giving than receiving. To get the ball rolling, we’ll start with a practical selection of gifts for bitcoiners. The decadent and downright silly stuff comes later. If the following suggestions don’t sate your thirst for gift ideas, incidentally, our Christmas guide from last year is also rocking.

Practical Bitcoin Christmas Gifts

If your favorite bitcoin obsessive doesn’t already have one, give them a hardware wallet for safely storing their cryptocurrency. We’re wallet agnostic, but market leaders Trezor and Ledger are both excellent choices. There’s also Keepkey. The Ultimate Bitcoin Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Gift-Wrapped Computer Tech

Pretty much any piece of computer gear can be branded as bitcoin-ready, but the following suggestions all have specific applications. If you’re tech-savvy enough to pick out the right product for your beloved bitcoiner, try these for size: The Ultimate Bitcoin Christmas Gift Guide 2017“Coming mom. Just checking my doge.” Computer monitor: A second screen for watching cryptocurrencies pumping and dumping in realtime is sure to go down well. Hard drive: Cryptocurrency hobbyists interested in running a node or downloading a full wallet client are gonna need somewhere to store the blockchain. A few extra GB – or even TB – will be welcomed. Cellphone: Another practical (if unexciting) gift is a cheap cellphone that can be stashed in a safe place and used for 2FA access and email verification when signing into exchanges. If their Twitter bio says “crypto trader” – regardless of the reality – a second cell will secure their bags by reducing the risk of SMS porting, among other things.

Gifts for Cryptocurrency Lovers Who’ve Strayed to the Dark Side

The Ultimate Bitcoin Christmas Gift Guide 2017At we’re all about bitcoin – the clue’s in the name. If your relative has strayed to the dark side, however, and developed an affinity for ethereum, you could load their wallet with a pick and mix of ERC20 tokens (the good ones, not the vaporware) or even splurge on, dare we say it, a Crypto Kitty. Better still, buy them bitcoin and tell them to come to their senses. Which leads us onto our most practical suggestion. If there’s one thing that all bitcoiners would dearly love for Christmas, it’s more bitcoin. One bitcoin doesn’t come cheap, but with each coin divisible into a million units, you can purchase as modest an amount as your means will permit. If you’re gifting them a hardware wallet, load some BTC on it if you’re feeling generous. Alternatively, a paper wallet provides a tangible gift they can unwrap. This option is ideal for bitcoin virgins: just tell them to stash it in a safe place and dig it out a few years later. The Ultimate Bitcoin Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Novelty Bitcoin Gifts

We covered most of these in our recent Black Friday roundup, so we’ll just state that there are some excellent tees, mugs, posters, and games to be had at sites such as Decentraland and Red Bubble which would make great stocking fillers. Naturally, these vendors stock hordes of pun-tastic Xmas crypto sweaters. Do a search for “bitcoin” on Etsy and you’ll also come up with a treasure trove of themed crafts, kitsch, and bric-a-brac.

Naughty Bitcoin Gifts

We hear there are some fine wares to be found on the deep web and its P2P counterpart Openbazaar. You know: ebooks and badges and suchlike. Least, that’s the word on the street. The Ultimate Bitcoin Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Luxury Bitcoin Gifts

From the ridiculous to the sublime, there’s a wide selection of extravagant gifts that can be bought with bitcoin. If you’re a bitcoin maximalist who refuses to dabble in fiat currency, drop a few coins on the following items and you’ll be flavor of the week and uncle of the year come Christmas morning. The Ultimate Bitcoin Christmas Gift Guide 2017 The White Company, “purveyors of luxury to the cryptocurrency world”, will hook you up with everything from sports cars to Rolexes, all of which can be paid for anonymously in cryptocurrency and delivered anywhere in the world. There’s also the option of a year’s unlimited flights courtesy of Surf Air and some extremely chic bitcoin watches from Cryptomatic including “The HODLER”.

Experiential Bitcoin Gifts

According to behavioral science, experiences make people happier than stuff. Instead of treating your bitcoin beloved to yet another gadget or gizmo, why not purchase them an experience they’ll remember fondly for a long time? The White Company will furnish you with a luxury trip to the Monaco Grand Prix, where you can watch the race from a VIP yacht, while Crypto Cribs is Airbnb for the bitcoin generation. Gift your partner a week in a city they’ve always dreamed of visiting, all paid for in the digital currency of the present and future. Will you be spending or gifting any bitcoin this Christmas? Let us know in the comments section below.
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