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Yahoo Finance App Users Can Now Track Their Bitcoin Balance at Coinbase

Yahoo Finance App Users Can Now Track Their Bitcoin Balance at CoinbaseWith exchange-traded bitcoin futures almost here, cryptocurrencies are becoming popular mainstream investment instruments in the eyes of many. As such, every trading and investing service must give its clients exposure to bitcoin in order to stay relevant. The latest company to jump on the bandwagon is Yahoo, offering its users new ways to track their cryptfolios. Also read: Apple Pay Cash Launches as Users and Developers Turn to Bitcoin

Yahoo Finance Cryptocurrency

Yahoo Finance App Users Can Now Track Their Bitcoin Balance at CoinbaseYahoo Finance has added a new cryptocurrency section to its service last week. The economic news portal’s 75 million monthly users can now follow the performance of bitcoin and over 100 altcoins right on the popular platform. The new offering includes frequently updated prices, market caps, trading volumes, historical data, charts, profiles, and a heat map powered by Crypto Compare. It even adds a comments section for Yahoo’s many trolls to spew off.

Coinbase Integration

Yahoo Finance App Users Can Now Track Their Bitcoin Balance at CoinbaseBeyond just checking how the cryptocurrency markets are doing generally, Yahoo is also starting to cooperate with companies in the industry to give users direct access to their data. Yesterday Coinbase announced that its users can now view their balances directly on Yahoo Finance’s iOS and Android applications. The company commented: “This integration is yet another sign of large consumer brands responding to increasing demand from consumers for digital currencies. As awareness of this new asset class and technology grows, Yahoo Finance is making it easier for Coinbase users to stay on top of latest information thanks to their integration with Coinbase.” Do you need Yahoo’s help to obsessively check on the value of your bitcoin every minute? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.
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