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Meet the Bitcoin Cash Hyper Mini-Sprint Car

Meet the Bitcoin Cash Hyper Mini-Sprint CarJust recently spoke with Corsair Hancock, a mini-sprint driver who decided to rebuild his 2007 Hyper Chassis into a – Bitcoin Cash mini-sprint racer. Also read: ‘Cryptomatoes’ Using Excess Mining Heat to Grow Produce

Bitcoin Cash Is King

Corsair is also the son of the Freedom Phoenix radio-show host and libertarian activist Ernest Hancock. While racing at 23 races in Phoenix, and a few other bigger races in California and Oklahoma, Corsair thought it would be a great way to spread the message of cryptocurrencies at race tracks with a suped-up bitcoin cash-mobile with wings. Corsair Hancock says the bitcoin cash mini-sprint car is a 2007 Hyper Chassis that’s been completely rebuilt. Corsair plans to run a 23 race series which began two weeks ago. 1,000-2,000 fans come to the races and split the time between the Canyon Speedway in Phoenix, Arizona and another race track called Central Arizona Speedway. We asked Corsair how fast the mini-sprint car went and why he decided to add and bitcoin cash logos on the buggy. Meet the Bitcoin Cash Hyper Mini-Sprint Car “On a little track it probably can get up to like 60 MPH, but on the big track we can get it up to like a 100 MPH,” Corsair tells just before the first race. I raced this car last year and I didn’t have any logos on the car so I wanted to do something but also spread the word about bitcoin cash. I’m also a bitcoin miner and I’ve been mining for a while now and I thought it would be a good way spread the message about bitcoin — Hopefully get people to talk about it at the tracks, get people to download wallets and such — Show them how it works.   Meet the Bitcoin Cash Hyper Mini-Sprint Car Some of the races are ‘winged’ races and some ‘non-winged’ which changes the whole aspect of driving the vehicle. The Bitcoin Cash mobile can reach speeds from 60-100 MPH depending on the track. 

A Great Way to Promote Bitcoin

Corsair says he loves racing and he’s really into bitcoin and he thought it would be a great way to promote it. There’s also a race called Speed Week in California and the race team trailers the car there. It’s like a week-long event that draws a lot of attention with way bigger crowds and Corsair tells us they play it on Speed Shift TV. At the end of the year in December, there’s another place the bitcoin cash mobile will race called the Chili Bowl in Tulsa Oklahoma, and there are thousands of vehicles there including mini-sprint cars. Meet the Bitcoin Cash Hyper Mini-Sprint Car Moreover, Corsair (who is the mini-sprint car driver) does ‘winged’ races and ‘non-winged’ races. When it’s a non-winged race, the car is super light, and it’s on dirt, so you are turning sideways almost an entire lap around because you don’t have that downforce and traction he explains. Then when the car has a wing on there is a lot of downforce, and you can go a lot faster through the turns and hold that speed. “You don’t drift as much with the wing as your more stuck to the track,” Corsair details. After looking at the nice looking and Bitcoin Cash logos on the car, we ask Corsair if during the twenty-something races — Will the car get damaged?    “Yeah well the race is open wheel, so if the cars come together, the wheels can rip right through the body,” Corsair notes. This season it’ll probably look a little beat up but as long as we dont touch cars it’ll be fine. Last season the left side of the car got destroyed from a wreck so hopefully this season nothing happens to the car. What do you think about the bitcoin cash mobile with the logos? Let us know in the comments below.
Images via Corsair Hancock and
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