Be aware of all developments relating to cryptocurrency, track trends and rates ups and downs, learn all about Mining and complexities of the Bitcoin system and be sure you will be aware of the most urgent and important news of World Mining company.
"The World - that is, information that grows over time."
"He who owns the information, owns the world."

The world is acting - the market is reacting!

World Mining Company closely follows the news about the regulation of crypto currency in the world. This is an important step for the world recognition and development of the Company, in particular.

We represent the most important events in the world:

• Venezuela will launch its own crypto currency "Petro", which will be supported by oil and gas reserves. Unfortunately, the economy of the country has long been undermined by sanctions. However, the country is trying to come up with the help of crypto currency.

• Serious support for the ecosystem can be obtained in China, Russia and Ukraine, where they also think about the creation of state crypto-currencies.

Our analysts, summarizing the latest developments and statements in the world, report that many countries are ready to use this technology. It is faster, cheaper and safer. However, only true crypto-currencies can survive, which have all the advantages of decentralization, the emission of which is limited.

The blockchain technology, which is an open source, is free, is set up to change the world. It will help to redistribute the ownership of capital in private hands. Now there are thousands of unique crypto assets worth more than $ 500 billion. Bitcoin accounts for 33%.

World Mining reports that the beginning of a technological breakthrough is laid and governments and peoples already made the impetus to the dynamic development!

Yours faithfully,
Team of World Mining Company

Adding the Arabic language!

Hello, dear partners of World Mining. Due to your numerous requests, we have supplemented with the Arabic language the layout of our site.

We hope that the use of our resource will be simple and convenient for you. If you have suggestions for expanding the language panel, please conta...

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The Chinese Language added to the site

The Chinese Language added to the site

Hello, dear World Mining partners.
We inform you that Chinese has been added to our site, thanks to your numerous requests.

World Mining constantly improves the resource for your comfort.

We work for you.
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Development of the crypto market: the nearest horizon

Hello, dear partners!

Today's World Mining statistics for you will be more complete and extensive: we will talk about the causes and consequences of interference in the crypto market.

Today, the crypto currencies have jerked up. However, this trend will be short, a...

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