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World Mining Company Launch!

On 16 November 2017, the World Mining celebrates a special day: we are launching our corporate website, so this is going to be a day full of unique opportunities for our clients and partners to be among the first, who will join us! World Mining management is looking forward to new horizons and successful company development.

Today is the first time when World Mining provides an opportunity for partners, miners and investors around the globe to rent capacities located in the British data center. The company's management, in particular company’s CEO Philip Johnson and the Board of Directors, want to greet the company' employees, tenants and users of free software with the launch of the website and the beginning of a new era in World Mining development – the era of cooperation. "We hope that customers will be able to see all advantages, practicality, efficiency and profitability while working with us. Because World Mining is the path to financial independence for each of our partner and tenant," said CEO Philip Johnson in his congratulatory message.

Greetings with the company launch, World Mining!

Adding the Arabic language!

Hello, dear partners of World Mining. Due to your numerous requests, we have supplemented with the Arabic language the layout of our site.

We hope that the use of our resource will be simple and convenient for you. If you have suggestions for expanding the language panel, please conta...

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The Chinese Language added to the site

The Chinese Language added to the site

Hello, dear World Mining partners.
We inform you that Chinese has been added to our site, thanks to your numerous requests.

World Mining constantly improves the resource for your comfort.

We work for you.
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Development of the crypto market: the nearest horizon

Hello, dear partners!

Today's World Mining statistics for you will be more complete and extensive: we will talk about the causes and consequences of interference in the crypto market.

Today, the crypto currencies have jerked up. However, this trend will be short, a...

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