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Adding the Arabic language!

Hello, dear partners of World Mining. Due to your numerous requests, we have supplemented with the Arabic language the layout of our site.

We hope that the use of our resource will be simple and convenient for you. If you have suggestions for expanding the language panel, please conta...

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The Chinese Language added to the site

The Chinese Language added to the site

Hello, dear World Mining partners.
We inform you that Chinese has been added to our site, thanks to your numerous requests.

World Mining constantly improves the resource for your comfort.

We work for you.
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Development of the crypto market: the nearest horizon

Hello, dear partners!

Today's World Mining statistics for you will be more complete and extensive: we will talk about the causes and consequences of interference in the crypto market.

Today, the crypto currencies have jerked up. However, this trend will be short, a...

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The Administration of World Mining Company.

The Administration of World Mining Company.

Hello, dear Partners!
World Mining notifies you of a staff reshuffle in some senior positions. In particular, Rachel Turner now heads the post of Chief Information Officer, and Director of Data Management is Betty Cooper. Changes hav...

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The world is acting - the market is reacting!

World Mining Company closely follows the news about the regulation of crypto currency in the world. This is an important step for the world recognition and development of the Company, in particular.

We represent the most important events in the world:

• Venezuela will l...

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Connection of 2FA

Hello, dear partners of World Mining!
Since 28.01.2018, the Company has connected two-factor authentication.
2FA is implemented to ensure that your accounts are under maximum protection.

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How do we see the market? Moreover, what to do in the near future?

Hello, Dear Partners!
There are news from World Mining Company, which can significantly affect the rates of crypto currencies:

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Bitcoin and the possibilities for today!

Hello, Dear partners!
As we predicted earlier, the price of Bitcoin and the entire crypto currency market is now subject to pressure and, as a result, is decreasing.

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Applications for webinars!

Dear partners, World Mining plans to hold a series of webinars about various business topics and mining.

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Bounty in World Mining

Hello! World Mining announces the launch of the Bounty campaign for partners! Performing light tasks, you can receive dividends from the Company. Receive dividends without the acquisition of Hash!

23.01.2018, 13:44Read more
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