About us

We are working with the latest technologies and algorithms.
When other companies are going bankrupt and closed, we are looking forward for further expansion.
The overall development of the cryptocurrency market depends on everyone, including each of us.

World Mining – the future that is already here

World Mining Servers

World Mining owns 5 servers with different power type. Your income is calculated according to chosen server, power consumption and speed. You are able to rent a server per certain period: from 9 to 12 months. After the end of the lease term, the transfer of interests on your personal account will be stopped.
It is a good opportunity for everyone to learn more about cryptography wave fluctuations, global trends as well as Bitcoin and blockchain markets. Above all, it brings the highest revenues with low involvement.
World Mining management developed a clear scheme that helps each tenant to get paid the daily interest on the sublease of the selected server. The price includes maintenance and energy costs. In this case the tenant income is equal to moderately high rates of production. Payments are made in USD dollars. For each tenant the most important thing is stability, as Bitcoin exchange rate is not static and can both increase or decrease.
We secure our customers’ investments, thus we pay interests in USD dollars, leaving the game with cryptocurrency volatility in hands of experienced traders.


The Company Today

World Mining is a British company operating on cryptocurrency mining market. We are working with bitcoins and its rapidly developing alternatives: lightcoins and forks.

The World Mining company has the most powerful industrial and private facilities for a successful and productive mining. We have a well-equipped data center located in natural environment: natural cooling, additional upgraded cooling system, cheap electricity, which is taken directly from HPS. Our management organized the company and became also among its first investors. All of them are professionals in the cryptocurrency market. At the beginning of data center operation, the company conducted mining for own needs. With the official registration, since October 2017, we are now heading for new horizons and development opportunities. With own solid base of cryptocurrency, we are giving our servers for rent. We offer very loyal prices for the servers rent. All servers gain very good interest payments, and our company provides legal and economic guarantees and 27/7 support. World Mining is open for mutually beneficial partnership.

PromotionOur farm

Today, the company is on track to expand: we are buying new equipment which will help to increase competitiveness and improve the performance of mining efficiency in tough competitive conditions.

Mining Today
From the economic point of view, at this stage mining solely for own needs is a rather complex task. The best option is: the delivery Server rent.
In this case, World Mining income does not depend on the dynamics of exchange rate between unbalance and Bitcoins. Servers price is fixed and as a result the amount not only fully covers the World Mining spending on monthly payments to the previous owner, and other expenses, but also allows you to get good dividends.

At the moment, the data center is working on the following equipment: Machines - Spondoolies-Tech SP50, Solar on 16 nm, Neptune on 20 nm, Bitmain Antminer S9, AntMiner S7, AntMiner S5, Antminer S3, AntMiner R4, C3SS5 (Smart Heat), Avalon 6, Spondoolies-Tech SP35 for SHA256 algorithm, iBeLink DM384M for X11 algorithm, MINER TITAN for SCRYPT algorithm
New Releases:
MinerSpondoolies-Tech SP500
Miner «Avalon» Avalon 6
Miner Bitmain AntMiner S9
16nm chips on Bitmain и Bitfury
7nm chips

As you can see, we own different equipment with different power and performance
World Mining stands firmly on its feet and is looking into the future with full confidence. After all, Bitcoin as Internet will last for a long period of time. No doubt that cryptocurrency market will have a constant growth and worth investing!