Bounty Program

Bounty Program - a powerful tool to promote the brand in the world. Do you want to receive additional income or capacity of the Company? Participate in Bounty and earn more!

Attention! Video Competition from the World Mining Company!

Dear customers of World Mining Company, as well as visitors of our website!

We inform you that on January 25, 2018, the contest for the best video-review and video advertising about World Mining begins!

This is an opportunity not only to win very interesting and valuable prizes. It is also an opportunity to tell people about your successful achievements in cooperating with us!

Conditions of the competition:
Create a video that details the cooperation with our Company. Details will be an advantage when determining the winner.

Do repost and get up to $ 10 for free!

Reposting records on social networks can be done by every registered user. It is a kind of passive advertising, for which the Company offers a cash reward.

The bonus is calculated once a month. It is credited to your balance. Compensation amount is from 10 cents up to $10. Also the system of bonuses provides the registration through your affiliate link. In this case, you will receive Affiliate fees (details in the "Partners" section).

Bonus 30 Gh/s

For receiving 30 Gh/s bonus, press the lower button. 30 Gh / s is only activated when you allow us to send you notifications. On iPhones, the subscription doesn't work. Subscribe with PC. Please don't use the subscription button often, otherwise the browser can block you and you will not be able to get bonus.

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